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November 30, 2012
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CreepyPasta: Ticci-Toby

Last weekend after a friends party, I'd been walking home. Of course most people would find the city creepy at night, while the breeze blew signs around making them creak on their hinges. I passed under a flag that flagged eerily in the wind. But I knew this city well. Very well. Not only do I have a knife in my hoodie, pocket, but I find myself fast and strong so I'm not easily scared.

As such, I didn't think much of it, when I passed by a street lamp, and peered down the alley way of one of the streets my friends and I often ran around in.
I simply gave it a quick glance, and caught sight of a figure at the back, probably looking through the dumpster looking for scraps or something. I didn't see the person's face. However I didn't miss the cracking sound as the figure's head suddenly turned to the side, almost like an owl. I jerked back slightly, shock and amusement lighting my face. I guess that was an unusual reaction for a teenage girl to have, after seeing a strange figure in an alleyway. But I guess I'm just weird in general.

Damn the crackheads around here are weird.

I laughed at the thought, and continued down the sidewalk, boots clomping against the cement in a small rhythm. I was looking forward to having the house to myself again this week. My mother was working more and more these days, leaving me with plenty of free time and the house.

It's night time. Everything around me had started off warm, while I was slowly floating through the dark fuzzy world of dreams. You know, that peaceful feeling where you know you're asleep and you simply feel like your drifting along restfully. Ever thing is at peace, and your perfectly comfortable, brief fuzzy images pass through your head on occasions, accompanied by the heart warming or strangest scenes like small little movie clips. I don't marvel at the drifting images for long, because I'm suddenly being woken from my slumber. It dragged me out slowly, and by the time my eyes are open, I'm already sitting up in bed. I blink a few times, my eyes already adjusted perfectly to the dark, from sleeping.

I sit there for a moment, wondering what had woken me, and I'm just about to lay back down to curl up in my soft sheets. But just before I can, a sound catches my attention and I quirk a pierced eyebrow.


It didn't sound too loud so it had to be downstairs, the cats were probably getting into something. Stupid animals. I hated it when the cats woke me up. Rolling my eyes irritably I let myself fall back against my mattress which bounces slightly beneath me. My pillow felt cool against my cheek, and I slip my arm underneath it, ready to let sleep find me once more.

The sound doesn't stop. And instead of continuing in an irregular pattern, it continues in a... strangely predictable way. I began listening to it, timing it in my head, after a few seconds I began to be bale to tell when the crack sound would happen.

What the actual fuck?

I sat up again, thin cotton sheets slithering off my arms with the motion, I keep one hand on the bed next to me, while my other travels to the knife on my bedside table. My fingers find it's handle and I wrap my hand around it. I was probably just overreacting, but still. Better safe than sorry.

I'm trying to think of possible conclusions as to what was making that weird cracking sound, when all of a sudden, I realize... It's getting closer. I grip the knife in my hand tighter. It was definitely coming closer and closer, almost like it was walking down the hallway.

The Hallway.


That single word seemed to kick a new sound into my head, and as if on cue, the slow sound of footsteps began drawing down my hall, leading towards my room. By now I had no doubt in my mind, there was someone in my house. I can feel a gross tingling crawling up the back of my neck as my hair stood on end. My vision went sharp, as my heart shot a burst of adrenaline through my body. I'm frozen in place like a marble statue, not daring to breathe, but I can see my sides moving of their own accord. My heart beat is slow and loud, and I can feel every pulse reverberate through my body. If it grew any louder I was afraid the person down the hall would hear it.

I was willing my body to move, as I tried to sort my thoughts out through the hazy fog in my mind. What do I do? Run? Hide? Stay and ambush my invader? I leap out of bed, and just as I do, I see the shadows of feet fall out front of my door, the crack that flooded a small amount of light into my room, now has two little patches of shadow covering it. I lean against my bed frame.

The door creaks open, and I freeze again, my breath hitching in my throat as my lungs suddenly decide to take a strike. For a moment I'm sure that my heart was going to follow their lead. But my blood continues to slowly pulse through my body as a cold sweat comes over me.

The hinges groan slightly as the door opens all the way, and a figure stands in the door way. My mouth doesn't work. I'm trying to scream, to call out and cry for help. But I can't get the words out. I'm paralyzed.

I shouldn't have been able to think so deeply, but the figure in my door way triggered something in my memory. Walking home. The Alley. The dumpster. The crack head at the dumpster. The outfit he'd been wearing. It was the same as the figure who was standing before me now. A dark blue hood was pulled up over his head. But his pale greyish skin glows eerily from the light of the moon that fell in through my window. His eyes are covered by orange lensed goggles. His khaki coloured vest was sprayed with blood. This sent another electrical shiver up my spine. I narrowed my eyes, not sure what I should do. My mind kept screaming at me to move, but I just couldn't my limbs would not comply with my brains demands.

"No." Was all I could say, and once again my mouth glued itself shut and refused to open.
The figure was male. His face was hidden in almost all aspect, goggles over his eyes, hood over his forehead, and some strange mouth block over his mouth and chin.
He came forward, lurching slightly, his arm twitched at his side twice, as he stepped agonizingly slowly towards me. One hand was lifted to his mouth and he put a finger over his lips.


I backed up against my bed, pressing my spine against the wooden bed post. I was clutching the knife in my hand so tightly that my knuckles were turning white. My gaze suddenly drifted down to the object in the boy's hand. I could feel my pupils dilate in fear, as I saw his weapon much outclassed mine. And by the sight of blood dripping off its blade, I'd say it had more experience too.

The intruder held an axe in his hand. Blood was trickling off it and splashing to the ground below. I could move. And my grip on the knife was suddenly loosening, before I knew it the knife was falling from my grip and clattering against the hard wood floor. I gasped as the sound reached my ears.

"Shhhh..." Said the figure again, as he continued his journey to meet me across the room. After his foot met the floor again, his neck cracked to the side on an inhuman angle, I could hear the bones crackling against his tendons and the sound sent a sense of doom through me. I wasn't going to get away. I wasn't going to move. I was going to wait. And this... thing was going to have its way with me. My heart was thunder in my chest crashing against my ribcage, as my vision suddenly blurred from my lack of oxygen intake. But my lungs still refused to accept air.

The figure's head was now on a 50 degree angle from normal, and he twitched occasionally as he strolled over to me, pace never quickening. Another step and his neck cracked the other way and to the other side, bones making the familiar eerie sound.

"Shhh!" He said once more, and one more step would take him to the spot only a foot away from me. He took it, the hand with the axe was rising slightly, my vision was spinning. My body felt heavy. I could feel my knees shaking. Hell, I could feel my entire being shaking. The axe came towards me, slowly. And I felt it resting against my stomach, the blade simply sitting there. I feel forwards unable to support myself any longer, and then I felt a hand on my shoulder, holding me up only slightly, and only long enough for the blunt blade to be crammed through my PJ top, and pierce though my belly. Instant agony took over, and my body once again seized up and went rigid with a combination of shock terror and fear. The stars in my vision went black and white and my world spun for only a brief second before the pain over took me, the last thing I saw were a pair of silver tipped shoes, and a pool of my own blood, that was just reaching out for the soles of those shoes.

And then my world went black and numb.
Well, I'm terrible in every aspect of art, but I wanted to make Ashy something. So I wrote her a CreepyPasta of her CreepyPasta OC Ticci-Toby. He's a boss <3

I'm proud of this :iconcryforeverplz: You guys have no idea how long it took me to build up the motivation to stop watching One Piece and actually do something productive. This is like... retribution for me.

I apologize for the lack of... Shall we say, fear, in this. I adore Toby. It's hard to be scared of him.

Well anyway, here Ashy <3

Ticci-Toby (C) :icondeathly--shadows:
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LiviTheFighter Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have to say that, this legitimately scared me, like made me shiver.
This is the first story to do that.
AdamandTommy55 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I'd have to agree with that. Which is weird, cause Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned and Eyeless Jack didn't scare me.
LiviTheFighter Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
True story. Lol
MegaRaichu Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Student Artist
A hour ago I seen a copy of this, but it had horrible spelling mistakes. I found it when looking for Toby's story...
Captain-Jei Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, some Russian people wanted to use it for a russian fanfic site, So I allowed them to use it with proper credit. 
But I guess it's just traveled across the internet XD 
MegaRaichu Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Student Artist
JackDain18 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
Amazing, Toby is my favorite proxie.
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