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November 1, 2012
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Four teenagers arrived back to their house after a hell-a-awesome game of Halloween. The first one to stroll in had shoulder length platinum blonde hair, that stuck up in different directions from running around all night. She had green-blue eyes and fairly pale skin, however it looked bone white because of the face paint she wore. In one hand she carried a fake bloodied knife and in the other were two full pillow cases of candy. Her face paint was designed to make it look like she had slits up the side of her mouth all the way up to her cheeks, while she had dark black all around her eyes. The white hoodie she was in, also held the fake blood stains.  This teen was dressed up as none other than Jeff the killer.
"Holy crap! I have never gotten so much candy in one night! That was awesome!"
Ash laughed, as she made her way inside to the couch. She set the bags down, one in her lap and one beside her, as she hit the cushions with a soft thud. The teen laughed to herself cheerfully, voice echoing victoriously, throwing open a bag of candy. She plucked a Kit Kat from the bag and tore it open, sinking her teeth into the sweet chocolate and wafer.
"Oi we must have at least 20 pounds worth of candy!" Another of the rowdy teenagers called, following the youngest of the group into the house. This one didn't have a gory costume on. Instead her green and brown hair was drawn into a perfect scene style, with on curly hair that poked up from her bangs. Around her neck was a pair of head phones, and of course under that was a scarf, which wrapped around her neck once and trailed behind her till it hit the carpet. Though her eyes were usually brown, they were glowing a deep amber thanks to the contacts she'd ordered. Leather braces were wrapped around her forearms, just more of her costume as she had gone as one of her original characters. As soon as she'd entered the house, Reivun had ran over to the DVD player and pressed play, to begin the start of the CD that was in the player. A Violin began to sing through the room in an upbeat manor. The 16 year old picked up one of her pillow cases and began to dance with it, the sugar coursing through her veins causing her to laugh uncontrollably.

"Neither have I! Man you guys were the greatest!" Ash glanced up from the couch, her gaze meeting Reivun's as she snapped a bite off the candy bar she was holding.
Finally two other teenagers walked through the open door. One had bright red and navy blue streaked hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. She was dressed in IronMan's red and golden out fit, Except her version was more suited for a females body type. Her golden eyes glinted against the light hanging from the living room ceiling.
"Next year we should set a new goal! The candy isn't even the fun part. Its like a game! Hunting things is so much fun! And Halloween is too simple, there's nothing to hold you back! We need more of a challenge!"
No one thought much of TurtleSaur's words. At least no one in the group did. To them, they all agreed with the girl, nodding at her suggestion. After all, they were teenagers now, and only hyper active teens like them actually went out at all now-a-days. Instead it was usually children, and so there wasn't much of a challenge in Halloween. But Collecting stuff, wasn't always about candy and fun. And if they wanted a challenge, then perhaps a certain person, or thing rather, was listening, or watching their conversation.
"A challenge?" The other girl answered, as she'd made her way inside, placing her bags of candy down by the bottom o the couch, she threw a pillow on the floor to make herself a seat beside Ash, the two were separated by two pillow cases of candy. This girl had sandy brown hair and a bandage wrapped around her blue eyes, however there were holes in the cloth that allowed her to see. Her outfit was a rather interesting one, it looked as though it were based of a Circus Ring leader's costume. Except hers was bright red, and she wore dressy black pants underneath. She had a fury grey tail attached to the back of her pants, and grey wolf like ears sitting on the side of her head, under her black top hat. Her name was Aqua, and she too, was dressed as one of her original character.
"I don't know. But maybe next year we could have teams? And split up. Maybe we could even go to a certain few houses and give them certain objects or notes, and tell them about or little game before we go trick-or-treating, And then the team that collects the most of the objects, is the winning team." TS explained, giving Reivun a playful shove out of the way. The green and brown haired teen dropped her bag of candy and it spilled out on the floor. She paused looking at it for a sec. Then, Reivun simply sat down in the pile of candy and curled up on top of it.
"Guys. I have a throne of candy."
"All hail the queen of the sweets!" Said Ash jokingly, as she lazily tossed a packaged Reese cup at the girl in the candy. The victim of the thrown candy simply reached up and grabbed it, before rolling back into the pile. "Yeees my favourite!"
"Hm, you know TS, that's actually a brilliant idea. Hold on to it. We should definitely use that next Halloween before we're all too old to go out anymore." Aqua said thoughtfully, nearing the end of her sentence a frown crossed her face. That was right, all of them were getting older and older, and before long the whole group would be around 18. And then it just seemed wrong going trick-or-treating even if they still all wanted too.
"Oh Aqua don't be such a downer!" TS demanded, switching the song on the CD player to something more suitable. Suddenly 'This is Halloween.' Was playing throughout the black and white furbished living room. Reivun had an interesting way of decorating and everything looked like a poker Club or strip club done it white and black with lava lamps and bean bag chairs everywhere, and especially black leather couches.
"if that time ever comes we can simply dress up as children."
"Yeah TurtleSaur's right!" Ash said trying to keep a straight face on before finishing the rest of her sentence. "I'm sure Slenderman will give us candy if we dress like that!"
"He better!" Both Reivun and Aqua said at the same time, before the two looked at each other and erupted into laughter.  
"Oh hey, I wonder who has the most Candy?"Ash wondered out loud, tilting her head to the side as she gazed at her comrades and fellow candy hunters.
"I dunno. Wanna do count up? And then trade's after?" Reivun offered, as she leapt off her candy pile and shoved it forward towards the fancy black wicker coffee table. The rest of the group followed her lead, and soon there were four huge piles of candy sitting around the mini table, that the girls had pushed out of the way to make more room. Sitting down on the shaggy white carpet the team slowly began to count their candy, pausing so often to make trades among themselves. That was one of the fun parts, trading with friends after the fight on the battle field of the streets And the fact that all the girls had enough candy to last the average teen a good 3 months was a good thing indeed.

         It had been a good half an hour till they'd all finished counting up the candy and each of them reached into the 1000's category. Reivun was practically purring as she munched on a bunch of Coffee crisps and Reese bars. In order to collect such a high amount of her two favourites she'd had to trade with TS and Aqua a lot. It turns out pretty much each of the girls had a lot of another person's favourite. Thankfully everything had worked out in the end.
"Scary movie anyone?" Ash suddenly asked glancing up from her spot on the couch, although she was hanging upside down now, her legs draping over the back of the couch with her head nearly touching the carpet below, her hair creating pools of blonde tassels against the shag rug. There was a pile of candy on her lap, and the youngest of the group looked quite comfortable.
"Oh my God, yeeees!" Aqua beamed at the mention of 'scary movie' "Let's watch Resident Evil!"
"Noooo." Said TurtleSaur from somewhere half under the coffee table, her figure have hidden by candy.  "I've seen that like a billion times. I could probably re-enact the whole scripture for you."
"Okay then, how bout Zombie Land?" Ash questioned looking up at the ground from her couch hogging form. In her hand she held a DVD booklet of different movies. "Pretty much half of 'em are zombie movies."

"Knowing you, why do I not doubt that...?" Reivun said casually, glancing to the side with grin. Ash grinned back, still upside down on the couch.
"All in favor of Zombie land, say I!" The youngest said, taking charge as she fished out the disc for Zombie land, then held it in the air. The fancy decorated living room was suddenly filled with I's and a sudden meow. The girls turned to see Reivun's cat Angel padding over to join them. Her white and tiger stripped fur rippled as she walked towards them. The she-cat made herself comfortable in Aqua's pile of candy. The red ring leader reached over to pet the cat with a laugh. "Alright. Looks like Fate has spoken. Zombie Land it is!"
"Awesome!" Said Ash as she flicked the disc towards Turtlesaur. The red and blue haired girl caught it with ease, and walked it over to the machine sticking it in. One of the girls got up to turn off the lights, while the TV screen illuminated the living room, enveloping it in a eerie blue light as the Law information popped up on the screen. All of the teens were suddenly pilling up onto the couch, purple fuzzy blankets and pillows being hugged and wrapped up in.
The movie began playing. And that's how the night began.
Yay! Part one is complete! This is just the introductory everyone! Nothing creepy yet ;D

Also, TS, Ash, Aqua I need you guys to answer something for me.
How do you defend yourself? Minor powers are allowed.
I mean, we gotta make things interesting somehow :dummy:
I'll give you an example, Reivun turns into a dog. No elemental powers, but she can basically run as fast as a dog, claws and fangs ETC.

Ash (C) :icondeathly--shadows:
TS (C) :iconturtlesaurrex:
Aqua/Hellix (C) :iconaquaartist532:
Reivun (C) Me!
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good idea ^w^
Having monster on monster action in a 4 person story would ruin the fun for everyone else anyway, so settle with the whip XD
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