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To be Remembered Prologue

Satori padded down the light filled path leading down to the Village of Light's main town square. Once again he'd promised to meet Jei for training. His golden and brown  pelt glowing like a midnight star as the light from the floating orbs that blanketed the whole of the Land of Light, was cast down on his fur. The mask he wore on the side of his face was illuminated to a practical glow, and there was a constant warm smile on his face as he started a trot down the path, heading towards the village, until his claws clicked against the stone path that lined the roads.

The master's apprentice made his way silently past an old wagon of hay; the golden blades of grass had spilled out over the back and were falling onto the rocky ground. Satori paused for a brief moment, before padding back over and scooping up some of the hay, the tails of his scarf came to life, morphing into dark green arms and hands. The reached down and picked the hay up in great piles, and placed it back into the wagon. Just as the young angel was about to scoop up the last bit a familiar face walked around the corner.
"Ah Satori my boy! You didn't have to waste your time helping a poor old Light Leaker like myself; shouldn't you be busy with your friends, or training with master Seimei?" The brightened face of an old man peered down at the Master's Apprentice, kind grey eyes shimmering with gratitude. His hands were worn out with age, and his skin had wrinkled over the years. Of course no one really felt sickness or the effects of age in the Land of Light, however, Light Leakers were human's souls that had come from the Trial Grounds, and passed into the Land of Light, for their good deeds or peaceful way of living. And since one could not completely shed themselves of their humanity, fatigue still plagued the daily lives of Light Leakers if they worked too hard.

"Oh no, Mr. Akimoto, it's not a problem at all. I enjoy helping others out. It is the least I can do, for being born of Royal Blood, while others like you are less fortunate. I'm sincerely sorry I cannot do more to assist you." The large wolf like angel said in his always gentle and graceful sounding voice. He dipped his head in the utmost respect as he spoke. Although Light Leakers were usually looked at as mere peasants, Satori saw equality in everyone, and refused to treat one person better than another.

"Ah my boy, you're too kind. Such kindness in such a youth is rare these days, your father has taught you very well. I look forward to the years that you watch over this land. Where might you be off to now?" Asked the old man graciously as he sat down on the edge of the wagon leaning into the hay slightly, his silver hair blending in with the gold of the dry grass.

"Off to train with my sister. She's struggling so much in Rank 1 Classes, it hurts to see some of the other angels picking on her. I know she has talent locked deep inside, she just has yet to access it." Satori spoke, sitting down on the ground, curling his fluffy tail over his paws as he continued his conversation with the elderly spirit. His gentle brown eyes shone against the eternal light that illuminated the Land.

"Ah, such a pity. Youngsters can be so cruel these days." Mr. Akimoto nodded along to Satori's comments. He watched the sky as he listened to the Master apprentice explain the situation with Jei and how learning Miracle Magic seemed to her only down fall.
The two angels rambled on for awhile, and in exchange for Satori sharing his thoughts on his sister, the elderly Spirit told the golden and brown Beastian about his worries of his grandchildren who were still grieving for his death, down on Earth.

"I wish they knew of the Afterlife, and how I wish I could tell them to stop worrying."
"Well" Said Satori perking up the sound of his words, an orb of light floated past him, and the wolf like angel reached over and grabbed it gently with a paw. Bringing it towards him, the angel blinked softly and forced some Light Force into it, causing the orb to suddenly change from a white glow to a light blue glow, it shrank in his paws until it was no bigger than a gum ball. After an angel died, its Light Force was constructed into physical energy and became one with the Land of Light. The recycled life energy would well up from the ground, and trees, creating balls of light all throughout the Land. Using these balls of Light Force, High ranking angels could send dreams down to the land of the living.

"Here you are." Satori said holding out the now small glowing orb of light. "This will allow you to contact your grand children, if only for a few minutes. I'm sure you've heard of the method Dream Signing."

"Satori, boy, that's only supposed to be used by the higher ups. I couldn't possibly take this from you. You could get in an awful lot of trouble for helping me out like this." The old man had risen from leaning against the hay, and was now peering down at the ball of glowing blue light in the wolf's paw.

"That's a risk I'd be glad to take, if I could ease your worry even in the slightest. When I rule this land, I'm going to change the rules a bit. No one in the Land of Light will ever have to be without help and guidance. Royalty is nothing, in the face of Life. Please accept this. I've charged it with Light Force, so now all you have to do is send the smallest bit of yours into it, and it should activate. You'll know what to do from there." Satori explained, still holding his paw out to the older Spirit. Light shone all around the golden and brown furred Beastian.

"Well... How could I turn down a youngster with such strong resolve? I'll accept this. Thanks you Satori my boy. You have put my heart at ease." The old man reached forward, taking the ball of light into his hand, it glowed warmly against his worn out hands. His kind tired grey eyes were on the verge of happy tears, and a gracious smile once again lit his wrinkled features.

"You are truly welcome." Satori said dipping his head as he rose to his large white paws, brown and gold fur shimmering in contrast against the green scarf around his neck. "Well, I must bid you farewell now Mr.Akimoto, Jei must be waiting for me by now. I enjoyed are talk, and I'll drop by again sometime to see how things went with your grand children."
"I look forward to it, young master Satori!" Mr.Akimoto said waving a hand in farewell to the Beastian Angel, as he padded away, back down the stone tiled flooring of the main village, black claws clicking against the tiles.

It was at the fountain where Satori was supposed to meet Jei. The wolf like angel quickened his pace, till he was jogging over the stone ground, scarf and tail flowing out behind him as he took the street in long graceful strides.
It wasn't a long jog, until the beautiful calming sound of gurgling water hit his ears, and the angel's bright brown gaze fell on the large cement statue that sat in the middle of the pool of water, it was actually a shrine that held a Holy bell at the top. The pool of water itself was a good 50 feet in perimeter, and occasionally one of the fountain guardians could be seen praying at the shrine, or ringing the bell for luck. It was usually a peaceful place.

Other than the waters soothing trickles, another sound reached his ears, and his gaze was dragged away from the magnificent shrine, and down below to the ground of kids who surrounded it.

"How can a Royal Angel like you be so weak? You're a disgrace to the Royal Bloodline!" One voice called out, anger ringing in his young in experienced and childlike cry. The boy who uttered it looked like a rat with small little stripes of red over his back, a usual symbol of the Guyoi Family.
There were two others that stood around the small circle of kids. They were still small, only First Rank class takers. The other's Beastian form looked like a Slug, with a shell made from pure crystal. That family was called the Katsumori, which were actually fairly well revered around the Land of Light. They were well known for their incredible defences, and most of them became well known Knights.

Finally the last of the trio looked like a small black T-rex, standing on his two back legs he would have come up to stand as high as Satori's shoulder blades. Although their Clan of Ryuu members were once considered one of the most well respected Clans in the Land of Light, their aggression got them demoted and now they were nothing more than a handful of rambunctious warriors. Most of them were different forms of dinosaurs.

"You're only important because of your blood line! Don't think for a second you can actually be somebody with weak powers like yours!" The Katsumori clan member added in, after his friends harsher words. The young Ryuu added something too, although Satori couldn't quite catch it.

In the middle of the ring was none other than Satori's younger sister Jei. The little white wolf like Beastian was lying on the ground with her paws over her muzzle, light blue eyes peering up at the bullies surrounding her. The expression on her face was hidden from view, but Satori saw the sadness reflected in her eyes. And of course the self-disappointment, and hunger to do better.

The Master's apprentice rushed forward, disappearing into nothingness, with the speed of lightening. Brown fur disappearing with one leap. In less than a second he was sitting on the fountains edge, relaxed expression on his calm face. The tip of his tail just barely touched the water below in the basin of the fountain. Little rings spread out through the water in small little ripples that sparkled as they ran out towards the shrine in the middle of the pool, tinkling musically as they went. Satori's fur and scarf were still settling back down against his body as though they'd just been through a harsh breeze. The momentum of his speed was even a second ahead of gravity.

"Is that anyway... for future Knights to act?" Satori spoke in his usual gentle voice; however there was a thin layer of scorn in his tone.
The younger angels all peered up at him in awe for a few seconds before reality came down upon them, and alarm passed quickly through their eyes, expressions changing to shock and horror.

"Run! It's Prince Shirogami!"
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Weeeeeelcome to the begining! This is the begining of the huge story I've been planning! This is only the Prologue, and so far only two main characters have been introduced! Be on the look out for part two, because some of your guys's characters might just be in it! :'D

If you haven't got your forms in for joining this story, and you'd like to be in it, please fill them out soon, you can find it here, in the artists comments! [link]

So far everything in here (C) Me.
Do not steal ideas, or Vinyl Scratch will shoot you with her Bass Cannon! XD.
Kastoway Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
i can't write worth a shit! This... this is awesome. i can't wait to read more!
Captain-Jei Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconawwwplz: Thank you Ash! <3 I'm jealous of your art skills, so we're even XD.

Fffff, I can't wait to give you guys more of it! I'm having fun writing it! :la:
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